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Figure BB II Griffin Building Blocks provides advanced chemical intermediates to the international R&D community. The building blocks are designed and synthesized to cover a number of underrepresented areas of chemical space. Our staff of both academic and pharmaceutical industry veterans is committed to focus on scaffolds with drug-like properties that allow our clients to quickly generate high-quality lead compounds for their internal drug discovery programs.
Building BlocksIn recent years scientists have seen a significant improvement in understanding what the requirements are for the successful development of biologically active compounds. One of these requirements is the degree of saturation of drug candidates. More saturated organic compounds have improved drug-like properties such as aqueous solubility and therefore an increased chance to be developed into a drug.

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Medicinal Chemistry SolutionsWe offer services to the biotech, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries ranging from building block sales, library synthesis and scale up to medicinal chemistry programs. Our approach is flexible and tailored to customer needs. Different arrangements are possible to work either on a fee-for-service basis or FTE funded collaboration.

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